Accounting is considered the language of business and economics. By means of this language it’s possible to learn about past and present state, and at the same time to predict the future state of entities. Speaking about accounting, we mean the system of official registration of all financial and business activities in terms of money and collection and establishment of all business operations with double recording method. In other words, the sphere of accounting is one of the most important spheres in companies’ activities. It’s natural that such an important sphere must be supervised by extensively experienced professionals.

“Alfa Audit” Company established by professionals having extensive experience in financial and tax spheres in Azerbaijan provides services in financial, audit, legal, tax planning, consulting and accounting spheres based on professionalism, transparency and accuracy. Offering customers prompt and high-quality services “Alfa Audit” company joined the group of the biggest companies in audit and consulting in Azerbaijan. Our main work consists of showing support to the customers in building a competitive business.

On the basis of trust achieved by “Alfa Audit” company creates long-term and successful cooperation with customers included into elite of Azerbaijan and other countries. And the warranty of this cooperation is our professionalism, responsibility and ethics of our team.


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