Audit is an independent supervision of accurate and fair conduction of accounting, accounting and financial statements at economic entities engaged in goods production and sale, provision of services and rendering works. For the purpose of determination of accurate, full and exact indication of audit assets, obligations, special means and finance results it’s considered independent supervision of annual fiscal statements made by economic entities in accordance with the existing legislation. Mutual interest of the government, entity’s administration and its owners (depositors, shareholders) composes the basis of audit.

Alfa Audit’s staff being regulated by the principle of transparency unified around the firm responsibility in addition to sensitivity to honesty and accuracy successfully handles its job. At the same time we contribute to business development of companies with high international targets. We help them to prevent certain risks, in daily internal auditing.

Our company offers you the following audit services:

  • Financial (accounting) audit in accordance with Azerbaijan national accounting standards;
  • Financial statement audit in accordance with international accounting standards;
  • Evaluation of internal control system.


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