“Alfa Audit” auditing company was founded in 2001.

Since the date of establishment by increasing our skills and independency we formed our own philosophy as a result of intense work for each past year. Following these principles, “Alfa Audit” company took a leading position in financial market and proved its professional, consequent and literate ability to work. At present “Alfa Audit” is one of the leading companies of Azerbaijan providing services in the sphere of auditing, accounting, financial, legal and management consultations.

“Alfa Audit” LLC is a member of Chamber of Auditors of Azerbaijan Republic since 2001 (license No. AT 027 dated January 30, 2001).

“Alfa Audit” Company possesses rare staff, technology and experience for national market. Exactly these features made it possible for “Alfa Audit” Company to be included into the list of leading auditing and consulting companies of Azerbaijan. To achieve the highest achievements in the field of auditing and consulting services, primarily due to highly qualified specialists able to solve the most difficult problems is the undeniable fact.

The employees forming the basis of team are with us since the day of establishment. All the time we are looking for the most experienced professionals in the field of accounting, law and management and invited them to work at our company, always train our employees, encourage them to have more qualification and knowledge in related spheres.

Our specialists have solid knowledge in financial, legal, management and marketing spheres along with possessing great experience in different fields of economics. Professional skills of auditors and advisors employed in “Alfa Audit” company are certified with appropriate national and international diplomas and certificates. Our specialists have experience in auditing of services in connection with main activity at large-scale stock companies and subsidiaries.

High qualification of our staff, its extensive field experience and ability to use perfect methods help the effectiveness of works and to significantly reduce the labor intensity. All these provide high quality and reasonable price of services.

Audit is executed by our employees with high attentiveness, sensitivity and in accordance with all standards and requirements of Azerbaijan. These are considered to be the basic principles of audit independence, competence, professional conduct and confidentiality of the information submitted by the customer. Our company provides protection of information and documents collected and composed during the work process, and avoids their disclosure without customer’s consent as well. Confidentiality is an integral part of the contract negotiated with customer.

We can definitely say that “Alfa Audit” company has all characteristics for effective and mutual beneficial cooperation and has the following advantages and strength:

  • Highly qualified and skilled personnel with long-term experience in auditing and consulting sphere;
  • Complex approach to customer servicing, being more exact joint cooperation of auditors, financial analysts, business consultants, lawyers either in the sphere of taxation, or other legal spheres;
  • Comprehensive studying of customer’s needs, determination of service amount necessary for customer and high competitive ability offered as a result of appropriate pricing;
  • Unbiased confidence and trust defined by rates.


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