Accountants and financial professionals are often faced with questions that require knowledge of the fundamentals of law. As the specialists having legal knowledge work at Alfa Audit Company, each question finds its answer (protection of the enterprise at the court, conclusion of contracts, foundation and liquidation of enterprise, labor and civil and legal relations and etc.).

Our company offers you the following legal services:

  • Consultations over issues related to tax, labor, currency, customs, administrative and criminal (concerning economic activity) legislation
  • Assistance in conduction of cases over civil and legal, tax and administrative issues:


1. Pre-trial settlement of disputes
2. Preparation of applications, appeals, pleas and other procedural documents
3. Protection of customer interests at arbitral and general courts

  • Assistance to citizens in criminal cases related to economic sphere
  • Registration, reorganization and liquidation of structural departments of legal entities and enterprises
  • Making of charter documents, internal documents regulating activity of enterprise (orders, regulations, instructions)
  • Legal observation of projects


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