Tax is mandatory, private, non-refundable payment transferred to state and local budgets in the form of alienation of cash possessed by taxpayers for the purpose of financial support of government and municipal activities.

  • Tax audit: checking whether enterprise follows tax legislation of AR, approval accuracy of tax statements;
  • Consultation of natural persons and legal entities over tax calculation and payment;
  • Tax audit observation. Preparation of objections over tax audit certificate;
  • Assistance in settlement of tax disputes:


1. Preparation of appeal to higher tax authority,
2. Preparation of applications, appeals, peals and other procedural documents,
3. Representation of taxpayer’s interests at law courts

  • Protection of officials related to issues on tax disputes of enterprise;
  • Assessment of tax results of considered transactions;
  • Establishment of tax planning system;
  • Tax accounting, making of tax declarations and calculation of taxes to be paid under legislation of AR;
  • Establishment or restoration of tax accounting;
  • Assistance to citizens in filling income declarations of natural persons;
  • Development and functioning of accounting policy for the purpose of taxation and accounting
  • Conducting seminars over tax issues.


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