Result of consulting works means application of not only theoretical, but also practical solutions to specific customer problems. Individual approach to each customer, relying on their requirements helped as to gain credibility of large number of local and foreign companies engaged in different economic fields, metallurgy, power industry, production, automobile industry, trade and other fields. Representatives of different business fields and types of property are among our customers.

Alfa Audit Company offers consulting services in accounting, auditing, legal, tax and other fields. Instead of wasting your time, throughout the day thinking on the decision of the question / problem that you faced, it is better to benefit from the experience of professionals by contacting Alfa Audit Company.

The following consulting services are at your disposal:  

Consulting on the questions
  • Accounting and accounting (financial) report 
  • Taxation
  • Application of IAS
  • Management accounting, cost management and productivity
  • Finance and Budget
  • Enterprise restructuring 
  • Corporate management
  • Strategic management
  • Tariff policy

Development / optimization of the systems
Seminars and training sessions on the following issues with the opportunity to visit the company.

  • Management accounting
  • Budgeting 
  • Internal control
  • Information flow of the documentary interchange and the enterprise 
  • Tax accounting

Diagnosis of internal and external scope of the company’s activities, construction of the strategic objectives, analysis of alternatives of strategic development, monitoring of the implementation of the strategy.  

Optimization of the organizational structure of the company


Useful Information

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